ZX Industrial Investment Fund
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  •     In May 2016 the Guangxi Autonomous Region People's Government established the $300 million USD ZX Industrial Investment Fund to support the nationally promoted Zhujiang-Xijiang economic belt development initiative, and to respond to China's 'One Belt, One Road' silk road initiative. The fund, based in Guangxi, is geared towards greater China, the ASEAN member nations, as well as certain other overseas markets. The fund's mission is to develop a new engine for domestic economic growth, and establish a new economic hub within the ASEAN association. Our investment strategy focuses on transport and logistics, modern services, and key emerging industries and technologies. Through optimizing capital operations and investment in these key industries, the fund plays a key supporting role in developing the Zhujiang-Xijiang economic belt. ProCapital is the ZX Industrial Fund manager, participating in the establishment and launch, and responsible for all aspects of fund management operations.

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